February 2017 Meeting Minutes

Lake Country Airport Commission

February 14, 2017


The Lake Country Airport Commission met on February 14, 2017 at the airport brick building for a scheduled monthly meeting.  A quorum was present and the meeting was called to order by Chairman Mike Denton at 0835 hours.

Commissioners Present:                                    Commissioners Absent:             Others Present:

Mike Denton                Glenn Burney                           Lou Zarelli

Dave Williams             Steve Rozek                             Jane Lipscomb

Gregg Gordon                                                              Doug Davis

 Gregg Gordon made a motion, seconded by Dave Williams to approve the January 10, 2017 meeting minutes.  Unanimous vote to approve.

The attached treasurer’s report was reviewed and discussed.  Steve Rozek made a motion, seconded by Gregg Gordon to approve the treasurer’s report and authorize paying the outstanding bills for the month.  Unanimous vote to approve.

New Business: 

There will be a meeting at the airport with personnel from both Talbert & Bright and VDOAV on February 27, 2017 to review and discuss the 6-yr capital improvement plan.  Mike Denton requested that all Commissioners try to attend if possible.

Mike Denton reviewed the need for the airport signage to be replaced.  This is needed to correct information on the current signs and due to deterioration of the old signs.  The total cost for the sign in the hangar area and the sign at the brick building was quoted a $930.  Steve Rozek made a motion, seconded by Dave Williams to move forward with replacing the signs at a cost of $930.  Unanimous vote to approve.

Old Business: 

Runway Rehabilitation:

Mike Denton suggested that during the runway shortening project that some of the excess fill dirt be added to the sides of the remaining runway to provide a base for future widening.  He noted that nearly every airport in the state now is at least 60 feet wide.  He also noted that our narrow 50-foot runway width is more of an issue for larger and higher performance aircraft than is the length.


The Commission elected to decline terrorism and war coverage for 2017.

Fueling System: 

The Commission elected to continue the warranty coverage with Lenny Campbell on the card reader system for 2017.


Mike Denton reviewed a grant agreement that had been received from VDOAV for the fencing project, which was in the amount of $36,303.30.  The local contribution to this project would be $4,000.  Steve Rozek made a motion, seconded by Gregg Gordon to accept the grant agreement and proceed with the fencing project.  Unanimous vote to proceed.

Hangar C Repairs:

Windy weather has impeded progress on the repairs.  As of this meeting all the roof aluminum had been removed along with approximately two-thirds of the old trusses.  Mike Denton stated that work is proceeding and they expect to install the new trusses within the next two weeks.

Stormwater Permit:

The second 6-month DMR for 2016 that was due by January 10, 2017 was not submitted on time.  This oversight may result in a Notice of Violation and possibly a site inspection by the DEQ.  In addition, there was no quarterly visual Stormwater observation completed for the 3rd quarter of 2016 due to the lack of rainfall events and availability of personnel to collect samples when rainfall did occur.

The meeting was adjourned at 0941 hours.

Minutes drafted and submitted by:  Glenn Burney


____________________________                    _______________________________

Mike Denton, Chairman                                    Glenn Burney, Secretary


For the month of:  February 2017 – UPDATED
Checking Money Market
Closing balance last month: $184.87 $60,610.23
Transfers $9,580.00 -$9,580.00
Deposits $275.00 1/3/2017 Rent
Expenses this month: -$9,600.62   $200.00 1/10/2017 Rent
$300.00 1/17/2047 Rent
Deposits: $788.92 $775.00 Deposits
$13.92 Plus Interest
Interest:   $788.92 Total Dep
Closing balance this month: $164.25 $51,819.15
Gas & Oil Sales:  see right Purvis Bros:  $4498.41 Credit
Expenses Paid in January  
Meck Elec (53.54 + 188.18 + 98.04) $339.76   Interest Year To Date: $13.92
Verizon $163.50   Expenses for February
Auto-Owners Ins-Property $2,729.00 Meck Elec (197.44 + 52.33 + 76.74) $326.51
Austin Electric (AWOS Insp) $1,000.00 Verizon $163.20 pd. 2-4-2017
Creedle, Jones & Alga – audit $3,800.00 Town of Clarksville (water) $63.17 pd. 2-4-2017
Puryear Electric (RR lites) $1,250.00   LawnSharks (snow, 1/11) $850.00
Auto-Owners Ins-Cars $298.56 NAPA (battery, Ford) $110.99
Total: $9,580.82 ACE HW $29.94
Watkins Ins, Gen’l Liability $3,736.00 pd. 2-14-2017
Ck 1640, 19.74, cleared 1/4 Total:  $5,279.81


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