January 2017 Meeting Minutes

                                                      Lake Country Airport Commission

                                                                      10 January 2017


The Lake Country Airport Commission met on January 10, 2017 at the airport terminal building for a scheduled monthly meeting. A quorum was present and the meeting was called to order by Chairman Mike Denton at 0835 hours.

Commissioners Present                                    Commissioners Absent                      Others Present

Mike Denton               Gregg Gordon              Glenn Burney                                     Nola Adler

David Williams           Lou Zarelli                   Jane Lipscomb

Steve Rozek                                                     Doug Davis

Lou Zarelli made a motion, seconded by Gregg Gordon to approve the December meeting minutes.

Unanimous vote to approve.

The Treasurer’s report was presented by Nola Adler. Steve Rozek made a motion, seconded by Dave Williams to approve the Treasurer’s report and pay the outstanding bills. Unanimous vote to approve.

Old /New Business

It was agreed by all to go ahead and accept the airport buildings full values and pay the current premium but to also get an explanation for several items on the invoice.

We had a “snow event” starting Friday night (1/6) and lasting through Saturday. Scott Ramsey of Lawn Sharks Property Maintenance plowed the runway, parking ramp, terminal building and put down salt where needed in pedestrian areas.

The Resolution to Incur Debt for LCAC to obtain a line of Credit from Benchmark Bank was presented by Mike Denton. This was the same Resolution that has been presented to Boydton and Mecklenburg County. Gregg Gordon made a motion, seconded by David Williams to approve and accept the Resolution. Unanimous vote to approve.

Mike Denton updated the Commission on the progress of the Virginia Department of Aviation Security Fencing project and informed that the project is ready to submit to Airport IQ for a DOAV Grant.

The meeting was adjourned at 0930 hours

Minutes drafted and submitted by:  Mike Denton

Mike Denton, Chair                                                          Glenn Burney, Secretary


For the month of:  January 2017
Checking Money Market
Closing balance last month: $163.98 $68,435.08
Transfers $10,516.00 -$10,516.00
Deposits $100.00 12/1/2016 Rent
Expenses this month: -$10,495.01   $275.00 12/1/2016 Rent
$200.00 12/13/2016 Rent
Deposits: $2,675.00 $1,000.00 12/13/2016 Donation
$1,000.00 12/13/2016 EDI Pym – RR Lites)
Interest: $16.15 $100.00 12/30/2016 Rent
$2,675.00 Deposits
Closing balance this month: $184.97 $60,610.23 $16.15 Plus Interest
$2,691.15 Total Dep
Gas & Oil Sales:  see right Purvis Bros:  $3964.04 Credit
Expenses Paid in December  
Meck Elec (86.32 + 43.89 + 103.792.92 + 48.25 + 105.814) $246.98   Interest Year To Date: $189.02
Verizon $143.56   Expenses for January
B&B Consultants (Water Analysis/Oct) $268.00 Meck Elec (53.54 + 188.18 + 98.04) $339.76
Talbert Building Supply (Hangar C roof joists) $2,973.67 Verizon $163.50 pd. 1-10
GBS Fire Suppression $19.74 **Didn’t clear yet Auto-Owners Ins-Property $2,729.00
ACE HW – plumbing supplies $23.97   Austin Electric (AWOS Insp) $1,000.00
LawnSharks (Hanger C work) $6,545.85 Creedle, Jones & Alga – audit $3,800.00
Mike Denton (DMV Reimb) $50.75 Puryear Electric (RR lites) $1,250.00 pd. 1-17
Lorene Bld Supply (Hang. C) $172.74 Auto-Owners Ins-Cars $298.56
Twn 0 Clskvll-water $69.49 Total $9,580.82
Total: $10,514.75


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