July 2017 Meeting Minutes

Lake Country Airport Commission

July 11, 2017


The Lake Country Airport Commission met on July 11, 2017 at the airport brick building for a scheduled monthly meeting.  A quorum was present and the meeting was called to order by Chairman Mike Denton at 0845 hours.

Commissioners Present:                        Commissioners Absent:                         Others Present:

Mike Denton                Glenn Burney               Lou Zarelli       Gregg Gordon              Nola Adler

Dave Williams             Jane Lipscomb             Doug Davis

Steve Rozek

 Dave Williams made a motion, seconded by Jane Lipscomb to approve the June 6, 2017 meeting minutes.  Unanimous vote to approve.

Treasurer Nola Adler presented the attached treasurer’s report for review and discussion.  She noted that 1590 gallons of gas had been purchased at a cost of $4.31/gallon.  The fuel is currently being sold at $4.95/gallon and it was decided to remain at that price for the time being.  Steve Rozek made a motion, seconded by Dave Williams to approve the treasurer’s report and authorize paying the outstanding bills for the month.  Unanimous vote to approve.

It was also noted that Nola Adler will request the annual allocation of funds from the county now that we are into a new fiscal year.

New Business: 

Steve Rozek made a motion, seconded by Glenn Burney to send Mike Denton the State Aviation Conference in Roanoke, which will be held in August.  Unanimous vote to approve.

Glenn Burney made a motion, seconded by Steve Rozek to continue using Talbert & Bright as our airport engineer for another year (until August 12, 2018).  Unanimous vote to approve.

It was noted that Glenn Burney for the Town of Clarksville and Dave Williams for the County are up for reappointment to the Lake Country Airport Commission.

Old Business: 


Mike Denton reported that the owner of Bracey Fence company had been injured in an accident and, at this time, no estimate was available as to if or when they would complete the installation of the fencing.

Hangar C Repairs:

Most repairs have been completed except for the installation of the new door.

Stormwater Permit:

No storm water observation was completed in the 2nd quarter in accordance with the Stormwater Permit due to no qualifying storm events occurring that met the permit requirements and when personnel were available to make the observation.

The meeting was adjourned at 0920 hours.

Minutes drafted and submitted by:  Glenn Burney

____________________________                    _______________________________

Mike Denton, Chairman                                    Glenn Burney, Secretary

For the month of:  July 2017 – Updated 8-1-2017
Checking Money Market
Closing balance last month: $1,827.09 $8,146.70
Deposits $100.00 6/1/2017 Rent, B
Transfers $2,700.00 -$2,700.00 $275.00 6/1/2017 Rent, Bld
$100.00 6/6/2017 Rent, D
Expenses this month: -$4,208.81 $2,945.00 6/12/2017 DoAV-AWOS
$1,200.00 6/15/2017 DoAV-Bushog
Deposits: $8,864.00 $4,144.00 6/20/2017 DoAV-Weed
$100.00 6/30/2017 Rent, B
Interest: $2.13 $8,864.00 Deposits
$2.13 Plus Interest
Closing balance this month: $318.28 $14,312.83 $8,866.13 Total Dep
Gas & Oil Sales: Purvis Bros:  $2516.51 Credit
Expenses Paid in June (1590 gals @ $6.853.38 deducted from credit balance-$4.31/gal)
Verizon $163.71 Interest Year To Date: $53.12
Town of Clarksville (water) $63.17 Expenses for July
Meck Elec (59.67 + 44.07 + 110.75) $214.49 Meck Elec (57.60 + 41 + 154.35) $252.95
CW of VA (liability ins.) $1,500.00 Verizon $163.71
Talbert (Hangar C) $461.26 Talbert (Hangar C) $122.34
Benchmark Comm Bank (LOC int) $166.18 Weed Control, Inc. $5,180.00
Signs & Designs (history posters) $140.00 Mecklenburg Sun – Invite to Bid $86.25
Total: $2,708.81 Billing Lawn Care (5 cuts) $1,375.00
Ck 1689, LawnSharks $1,500.00 Cashed 6/21 Sue Rozak (reimb for Chamber of Commerce After Hours) $41.00
$4,208.81 Puryear Electric (fence) $2,605.37 8-1-17, per Mike
Total: $9,826.62


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