March 2017 Meeting Minutes

Lake Country Airport Commission

March 14, 2017


The Lake Country Airport Commission met on March 14, 2017 at the airport brick building for a scheduled monthly meeting.  A quorum was present and the meeting was called to order by Chairman Mike Denton at 0836 hours.

Commissioners Present:                                   Commissioners Absent:                                   Others Present:

Mike Denton                Glenn Burney              Lou Zarelli       Gregg Gordon              Nola Adler

Dave Williams             Jane Lipscomb             Steve Rozek     Doug Davis

 Jane Lipscomb made a motion, seconded by Dave Williams to approve the February 14, 2017 meeting minutes.  Unanimous vote to approve.

Treasurer Nola Adler presented the attached treasurer’s report for review and discussion.  Glenn Burney made a motion, seconded by Jane Lipscomb to approve the treasurer’s report and authorize paying the outstanding bills for the month.  Unanimous vote to approve.

New Business: 

A meeting was held at the airport with both Talbert & Bright and VDOAV personnel on February 27, 2017 to review and discuss the 6-yr capital improvement plan.

Mike Denton noted that a check in the amount of $1877 had been received from Jonathan Greene as a refund for a title search which was paid for but never completed when the Commission bought the airport property.  This was discovered by the Commission’s current council Tom Lipscomb.  Tom recommended obtaining title insurance as the best measure to ensure the Commission does not encounter a title problem in the future.  Glenn Burney made a motion, seconded by Dave Williams to authorize Tom Lipscomb to proceed with the process of obtaining title insurance for the Commission.  Unanimous vote to approve.

Old Business: 

 Runway Rehabilitation:

Mike Denton reviewed an invoice from Talbert & Bright for the assumption of risk, preliminary engineering and bidding for the runway project in the amount of $18,870.90.  This scope of work does not address the stump field along the east side of the runway nor the crumbling pavement in the ramp or hangar access areas.  Mike requested an informal meeting with a local DEQ field inspector to get his opinion about clearing the stump field at the same time the runway project was in progress.  The inspector did not see an issue with doing this and recommended that this scope of work be included in the same permit as the runway shortening and safety zone widening work.  Talbert & Bright bid just under $8,000 additional to add the stump field and hangar/ramp pavement areas to the overall scope of work.  Jane Lipscomb made a motion, seconded by Dave Williams to increase Talbert & Bright’s scope of work to include these two additional areas at a cost of just under $8000.  Unanimous vote to approve.


Mike Denton has continued to work with Bracey Fence company and the B&B surveyors in preparation of starting the fencing project.  Mike is looking into adding an electric operator for the main road gate to this project rather than coming back later to add an operator.  Mike learned from the Bracey Fence rep that modern electric operators are very versatile including radio operation by emergency vehicles.  Bracey Fence recently reduced the price on this project and Mike is trying to understand what caused them to take this action.

Hangar C Repairs:

All the new roof trusses have been installed.  The roof sheeting should be installed within the next two weeks.

Stormwater Permit:

Glenn Burney reported that no quarterly observation has yet been completed for the 1st quarter due to the lack of qualifying rain events and the availability of personnel.

Weed Control:

Scott Ramsey bid $1500 to take a dozer around the toe of the runway slope to clear the boulders and other material that has sloughed off of the runway slopes so maintenance and emergency vehicles could have access all the way around the base of the runway slopes.  The VDOAV did not seem interested in funding this project because they believe all of this will be taken care of during the runway shortening project.  Without this access the contractor will have a difficult time effectively applying herbicide to the runway slopes.

The meeting was adjourned at 0934 hours.

Minutes drafted and submitted by:  Glenn Burney

____________________________                _______________________________

Mike Denton, Chairman                                              Glenn Burney, Secretary


For the month of:  March 2017 – Updated
Checking Money Market
Closing balance last month: $164.25 $51,819.15
Transfers $5,341.00 -$5,341.00
Deposits $100.00 2/1/2017 Rent
Expenses this month: -$1,543.81   $275.00 2/1/2017 Rent
$200.00 2/7/2017 Rent
Deposits: $2,355.00 $5.00 2/6/2017 Ins. Rebate
$275.00 2/28/2017 Rent
Interest: $11.61 $1,500.00 2/28/2017 Olds
$2,355.00 Deposits
Closing balance this month: $3,961.44 $48,844.76 $11.61 Plus Interest
$2,366.61 Total Dep
Gas & Oil Sales:  Purvis Bros:  $5642.65 Credit
Expenses Paid in February  
LawnSharks (snow, 1/11) $850.00   Interest Year To Date: $25.53
Verizon $163.20   Expenses for March
Meck Elec (197.44 + 52.33 + 76.74) $326.51   Meck Elec (71.85 + 47.80 + 177.01) $296.56
NAPA (battery, Ford) $110.99   Verizon $163.20 pd. 3-6-2017
ACE HW $29.94   Town of Clarksville (water) $63.17 No Bill Yet
Watkins Ins, Gen’l Liability* $3,736.00   Clks Tire (Ford Insp & repairs) $211.54
Town of Clarksville (water) $63.17   NAPA (Sway Link Bar – Ford) 73.97
Total: $5,279.81 Talbert (Hangar C) $523.48
*pd. 2-14-2017; Not cleared B&B Cons – Fence Marking $1,000.00
AutoOwners Ins $1,389.94 RX’d after mtg
Clarksville Chamber of Commerce (renewal) $100.00 RX’d after mtg
Total:  $3,821.86  


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