May 2017 Meeting Minutes



May 8, 2017

Commissioners present:  Mike Denton, Greg GordonJane Lipscomb, Steve Rozek, David Williams and Lou Zarrelli

Also present:  Nola Adler

Mike Denton called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m.

Motion was made by Dave Williams and seconded by Jane Lipscomb to approve the April minutes.  MOTION CARRIED.

Motion was made by Steve Rozek and seconded by Dave Williams to accept the treasurer’s report and pay this month’s bills.  MOTION CARRIED.

Manager’s Report:

Material for the security fence is on site.

A bid meeting for the runway rehabilitation is progressing.

The Art Guild will be joining the Commission in hosting the Chamber After Hours at 5:00, May 18.  Sky Air Taxi may be present for this event

Fuel should be ordered soon.

The fuel farm passed its inspection.

Meeting adjourned at 9:08.


Jane Lipscomb, Recorder                              Mike Denton, President


For the month of:  May 2017 (updated)
Checking Money Market
Closing balance last month: $461.62 $47,038.97
Transfers $20,467.00 -$20,467.00
Expenses this month: -$5,666.93
Deposits $275.00 4/3/2017 Rent, Bld
Deposits: $675.00 $300.00 4/3/2017 Rent, A
$100.00 4/11/2017 Rent, D
Interest: $10.11 $675.00 Deposits
$10.11 Plus Interest
Closing balance this month: $15,261.69 $27,257.08 $685.11 Total Dep
Gas & Oil Sales: Purvis Bros:  $6,758.91 Credit
Expenses Paid in April
Clksvl Tire (Ford Taurus) $501.59 Interest Year To Date: $47.85
Verizon $163.33 Expenses for May
Meck Elec (149.19 + 45.85 + 65.95) 260.99 Meck Elec (63.49 + 44.53 + 93.56) $201.58
LawnSharks (Hangar C/gravel) $1,500.00 Verizon $163.71 pd. 5-2-2017
ACE – Hangar C $130.97 Town of Clarksville (water) $63.17 Bill not received
Talbert (Hangar C) $2,802.56 Signs & Designs $1,070.00
NAPA (Ford Taurus) $244.32 Talbert (Hangar C) $668.68
Town of Clarksville (water) $63.17 4/10/2017 B&B Consultants, Inc. (water) $268.00
Bracey Fence (downpayment, to be reimbursed $15,000.00 4/25/17;not cashed VRA – loan $13,666.63
Total: $20,666.93 AutoOwners Ins (bal) $196.00
Billings Lawn Care (2 cuts) $550.00
LawnSharks (bulldozing) $1,500.00
Meck Cty Zoning Admin $300.00
Austin Elec (AWOS Insp 3/2) $1,100.00
Total: $19,747.77

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