November 2016 Meeting Minutes

Lake Country Airport Commission

November 1, 2016 – Minutes

The Lake Country Airport Commission met on November 1, 2016 at the airport brick building for a scheduled monthly meeting.  The meeting was held one week early due to election day falling on the normal meeting day.  A quorum was present and the meeting was called to order by Chairman Mike Denton at 0835 hours.

Commissioners Present:                                               Commissioners Absent:                       Others Present:

Mike Denton                Glenn Burney                          Lou Zarelli                               Nola Adler

Gregg Gordon              Steve Rozek                             Doug Davis

Jane Lipscomb             Dave Williams

 Jane Lipscomb made a motion, seconded by Dave Williams to approve the October 11, 2016 meeting minutes.  Unanimous vote to approve.

The DRAFT treasurer’s report was reviewed.  Since the meeting was held one week early the information to finalize the treasurer’s report was not available.  Steve Rozek made a motion, seconded by Jane Lipscomb to pay the outstanding bills for the month.  Unanimous vote to approve.

Mike Denton noted that a donation had been received from the Clarksville Artisans Guild.  This organization uses the brick building for their organization’s periodic meetings.

1604 gallons of fuel had been received.  The entire cost of this fuel was covered by the credit that we still had with Purvis.

New Business: 

Water Service:

The Town of Clarksville Utilities Committee decided that the water to the brick building would be billed every other month at out-of-town commercial rates.  The Town will discount the bill by 80% based on the fact that LCAC utilizes 80% of the building and Buggs Island Dock Service utilizes the other 20%.

Old Business: 

 Runway Rehabilitation:

The county Board of Supervisors approved the finance committee’s recommendation to provide a moral obligation for a line of credit from Benchmark Community Bank.  Boydton is expected to approve the moral obligation at their next council meeting.  Clarksville is expected to discuss the moral obligation at their next monthly meeting or at a called meeting.

Vegetation Control Program: 

The program for 2017 needs to be entered into Airport IQ, which has recently been changed.  Mike is working with VDOAV personnel to learn the new system and make the necessary entries.

Runway Lighting: 

A lighting repair program is in progress.  There are four lights that won’t work at all.  Mike Denton stated that the current priority is to better synchronize the two lighting circuits so they both operate at approximately the same time.  This will require replacing the photocells at a cost of $1250.


Mike Denton reviewed a quote from Bracey Fence Co. to run fencing from the hangars, along Route 15, attach to the brick building on both sides, and then continue along Route 15 to the SPCA line.  The quote was $38,000 for galvanized wire and $41,000 for vinyl coated wire.  These quotes included a manually operated gate at the entrance to the hangar area, which could be converted to an electric operator in the future if desired.  Mike plans to obtain two more competitive bids before making a final recommendation.

Hangar C Repairs:

The new roof trusses will be delivered on November 7.  The full scope of work includes breaking up and removing the current partial concrete floor and pouring a new full slab floor, move the front wall out by two feet, repair the siding where damaged, and replace the roof completely.  This project is a partnership between the airport, Rick and Nola Adler, Audubon Associates, and Buggs Island Dock Service.


The second 6-month stormwater run-off samples were collected on October 7.  The TSS in this sample was 7 compared to 141 for the previous sample collected.  The limit is 100.  A broken drain that enters the catch basin was plugged and washed stone was added to exposed clay areas in the parking lot to reduce the amount of sediment flowing to the drain during the time between when these two samples were collected.  It appears these measures have been effective in reducing the TSS to acceptable levels.

The meeting was adjourned at 0936 hours.

Minutes drafted and submitted by:  Glenn Burney

FINAL Treasurer’s Report:

For the month of:  October 2016 – FINAL
Checking Money Market
Closing balance last month: $322.91 $82,695.72
Transfers $800.00 -$800.00
Expenses this month: -$833.09 (Note, Hangar B Rent RX’d 9/30)
Deposits: $475.00
Deposits $200.00 10/13/2016 Rent
Interest: $20.98 $275.00 10/4/2016 Rent
$475.00 Deposits
Closing balance this month: $289.82 $82,391.70 $20.98 Plus Interest
$495.98 Total Dep
Gas & Oil Sales:  see right Purvis Bros:   $8364.76 Credit (LAST MONTH)
Expenses Paid in October NOTE: 1604 gallons delivered 10/11/2016; bill for $7336.54 to be deducted.  Cost:  $4.573/gal.
Meck Elec (81.41 + 40.35 + 175.50) $297.26 Interest Year To Date: $154.49
Verizon $163.83 Expenses for November
Billing Lawn Care (1 cut) $275.00 Meck Elec (86.32 + 43.89 + 103.74) $233.95
AirNav (web renewal) $57.00 Verizon $123.56 pd. 11-6
Stand Still Designs (web, post minutes last month) $40.00 ACE Hardware (lights for runway) $42.97
Total $833.09 NAPA (Funnel & Gas Can) $25.68
VRA (Loan Payment) $13,666.62
Purvis Bros. (Filter & Gasket, annual fuel maintenance) $133.16
Total $14,225.94


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