October 2017 Meeting Minutes

Lake Country Airport Commission

October 10, 2017


The Lake Country Airport Commission met on Tuesday October 10, 2017 at the airport brick building for a scheduled monthly meeting.  A quorum was present and the meeting was called to order by Chairman Mike Denton at 0835 hours.

Commissioners Present:                        Commissioners Absent:                         Others Present:

Mike Denton                Glenn Burney               Lou Zarelli                                           Nola Adler

Dave Williams             Jane Lipscomb             Doug Davis

Steve Rozek                                                     Gregg Gordon

 Jane Lipscomb made a motion, seconded by Dave Williams to approve the September 12, 2017 meeting minutes.  Unanimous vote to approve.

Treasurer Nola Adler presented the attached treasurer’s report for review and discussion.  She noted that the annual allocation of funds from the County had still not been received despite more two requests having already been submitted for the funds.  Jane Lipscomb made a motion, seconded by Steve Rozek to approve the treasurer’s report and authorize paying the outstanding routine bills for the month.  Unanimous vote to approve.

New Business: 

Old Business: 

Runway Rehab:

Mike Denton recently had a conference call with Talbert & Bright and VDOAV personnel where the idea of breaking the $2.5 million runway project up into smaller pieces was discussed.  The VDOAV was not in favor of this approach as they believe it would result in a higher overall cost for the project.

Obstruction Removal:

Mike Denton asked Neal Oberholtzer with the Department of Forestry to look at the area on the south side of the runway prior to proceeding with any clearing activities.  He determined that the area consists of 27 acres of marketable timber.  Mike has solicited bids from several local timber cutters to cut this area.  After clear cutting the area would be replanted in pines except for the area closest to the runway, which will remain cleared to control the obstructions.

Fuel System:

Mike Denton reported that Purvis Brothers had offered to pay $800 toward the upgrade of the Fuel Master system software in exchange for a 2-year commitment to remain with the Phillips 66 product supplied by Purvis.  Steve Rozek made a motion, seconded by Dave Williams, to accept the Purvis Brothers offer.  Unanimous vote to approve.


The door replacement and overall refurbishment of Hangar C is nearly completed.

Hangar A is currently empty and is ready for the next tenant.

Security Fence:

The security fence project is complete except for the setting up the remote controls for the gate operator along with establishing procedures for ingress by emergency response vehicles and personnel.


Mike Denton reported that while is was bush-hogging the 10 acre cleared area that he discovered a new erosion ditch running diagonally across the area.  Glenn Burney made a motion, seconded by Dave Williams to hire a contractor to fill, compact, seed and straw the eroded area.  Unanimous vote to approve.

Jane Lipscomb made a motion, seconded by Steve Rozek to adjourn the meeting at approximately 0930 hours.  Unanimous vote to approve.

Minutes drafted and submitted by:  Glenn Burney

____________________________                    _______________________________

Mike Denton, Chairman                                    Glenn Burney, Secretary

For the month of:  October 2017
Checking Money Market
Closing balance last month: $309.42 $26,135.34
Deposits $275.00 9/1/2017 Rent, Bld
Transfers $6,350.00 -$6,350.00 $100.00 9/1/2017 Rent, B
$100.00 9/12/2017 Rent, D
Expenses this month: -$6,376.60 $100.00 9/29/2017 Rent, B
$575.00 Deposits
Deposits: $575.00 $5.02 Plus Interest
$580.02 Total Dep
Interest: $5.02
Closing balance this month: $282.82 $20,365.36
Gas & Oil Sales: Purvis Bros:  $6,743.07 Credit
Expenses Paid in August
Verizon $164.48 Interest Year To Date: $69.69
Signs & Designs (Parking) $25.00 Expenses for September
Meck Elec (174.15 + 40.33 + 55.09) $269.57 Meck Elec (132.41 + 42.84 + 56.29) $231.54
Lewis Metal Works (Hangar C) $195.32 Verizon $164.48
Austin Electric, AWOS 7/31 $1,100.00 Buggs Isl Dock Svc – Hangar C $7,481.63
Billings Lawn Care (2 cuts) $550.00 Talbert Bldg Sply – Hangar C $18.50
Magi-PC (Airport PC) $75.00 Felton Bros – Concrete Hang C $237.45
Talbert Bldg Sply- Hangar C $74.53 Billings Lawn Care (2 cuts) $550.00
ACE (Hangar C, 100.97; RR Lites, 29.97; Maint, 265.93) $396.87 Clarksville Auto Supply-gas cap/Chevy $18.48
Puryear Electric – Fence $372.15 Total: $8,702.08
FuelMaster/SynTech – BIN Upgrade (fuel system) $1,151.00
Benchmark – LOC Interest $850.20 9-7/Mike
VOAC (added after mtg) $25.00 9-12/Mike
Felton Bros – Concrete Hang C $517.02 9-16/Mike
Benchmark, new checks $66.77 9-11
Total: $5,832.91

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