October 2016 Meeting Minutes

Lake Country Airport Commission

October 11, 2016 – Minutes

The Lake Country Airport Commission met on October 11, 2016 in the Goode Building in Boydton for a scheduled monthly meeting and to attend a county finance committee meeting.  A quorum was present and the scheduled monthly meeting was called to order by Chairman Mike Denton at approximately 0900 hours following attendance at the county finance committee meeting

Commissioners Present:                                               Commissioners Absent:                       Others Present:

Mike Denton                Glenn Burney                          Lou Zarelli

Gregg Gordon              Steve Rozek                             Doug Davis

Jane Lipscomb                                                             Dave Williams

 At the county finance committee meeting Gregg Gordon explained that the LCAC was in need of a moral obligation from the county prior to obtaining a line of credit from Benchmark Community Bank.  The line of credit would be used to proceed with the detailed engineering for the runway shortening and rehabilitation.  Mike Denton elaborated upon the Department of Avaiation’s point system regarding projects and how a localities initiative to start a project on their own prior to VDOAV funding earns the project more points.  After a brief discussion the finance committee voted to present the idea of a moral obligation to the Board of Supervisors and recommend the Board approve it.  At this point the LCAC members (other than Gregg Gordon who is also a member of the finance committee) departed the finance committee meeting and conducted the business of the scheduled monthly meeting.

 Jane Lipscomb made a motion, seconded by Steve Rozek to approve the September 13, 2016 meeting minutes.  Unanimous vote to approve.

The attached treasurer’s report was sent to all Commission members for their review prior to the meeting.  Without the treasurer in attendance no detailed review of the report was conducted.  Steve Rozek made a motion, seconded by Jane Lipscomb to pay the outstanding bills for the month.  Unanimous vote to approve.

Old Business: 

Runway Rehabilitation: 

Jane Lipscomb made a motion, seconded by Steve Rozek, to accept Talbert & Bright as our airport engineer through August 12, 2017.  Unanimous vote to approve.

LCAC Web Site: 

Mike Denton reviewed a list of upgrades to the web site that had been provided by Michael Jancart.  Each task was priced separately.  Jane Lipscomb made a motion, seconded by Steve Rozek, to move forward with upgrading our web site.  Unanimous vote to approve.

Steve Rozek made a motion, seconded by Jane Lipscomb, to renew our access to the AirNav web site for another year. 

 The meeting was adjourned at 0910 hours.

Minutes drafted and submitted by:  Glenn Burney


Treasurer’s Report

For the month of:  September 2016-FINAL
Checking Money Market
Closing balance last month: $315.37 $70,625.19
Transfers $1,350.00 -$1,350.00
Expenses this month: -$1,342.46 Deposits $100.00 9/1/2016 Rent
$275.00 9/1/2016 Rent
Deposits: $13,400.62 $200.00 9/7/2016 Rent
$12,725.62 9/6/2016 Ins/Hang-C
Interest: $19.91 $100.00 9/30/2016 Rent
$13,400.62 Deposits
Closing balance this month: $322.91 $82,695.72 $19.91 Plus Interest
$13,420.53 Total Dep
Gas & Oil Sales:  see right Purvis Bros:   $8364.76 Credit
Expenses Paid in September NOTE: 1605 gallons delivered 10/11/2016
Meck Elec (82.28 + 40.63 + 230.03) $352.94 Interest To Date:
Verizon $164.52 Expenses for October
Billing Lawn Care (3 cuts) $825.00 Meck Elec (81.41 + 40.35 + 175.50) $297.26
Total $1,342.46 Verizon $163.83 Pd. 10-5
Billing Lawn Care (1 cut) $275.00
AirNav (web renewal) $57.00
Stand Still Designs (web, post minutes last month) $40.00
Total $833.09


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